Society for Welfare & Advancement of Rural Generations

सर्वे भवन्तु सखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः, सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु माकष्चित्दुःखभागभवेत्। “The entire people world over should be free from various diseases and maladies & must be happy and prosperous. All the human being must reap the richest harvest of their benevolent deeds and feel contented from within. Finally we pray to the O God! Let there be not a single person faced with the miseries and misfortunes of his or her life.”


Society for Welfare & Advancement of Rural Generations (SWARG), a Non Government organization is operating since 1995. It operates with the support of Governmental, National and International agencies. The organization SWARG is mobilizing the community to take appropriate action through innovative approaches of People Participation, Local Resource Management, and Empowerment of people with Gender Equity. SWARG is primarily engaged in implementation of Health, Nutrition and various relevant development projects in order to improve the quality of lives of vulnerable and disadvantage sections of the society keeping gender sensitivity in mind.

The organization is actively engaged in Protecting, Preserving & Promoting the Great Indian Folk Arts for the almost last two decade now. SWARG is actively involved with Folk Artists at the Grassroots level in Problem Mapping and conducting Advocacy with the Policy Makers at the State & National Level. We are spreading the message of 'Protect our Folk Arts BeforeIts Too Late'. SWARG Repertory is dedicated to the cause of reviving and re-establishing the lost glory of Indian Traditional Folk Drama ‘Nautanki’ and is Pioneer in Reviving & Restoring the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Performing Folk Art Forms of our country. ‘Swarg Repertory’ reflects entry of India’s Indigenous Folk Art Forms into the World Theatre by bringing to central stage the India’s awesome story telling format with songs in-between i.e. Nautanki. Under an able Direction of Thespian Atul Yadvanshi not only Nautanki but other Folk Art Forms also when presented with all its grandeur is certainly a treat to watch.

SWARG has executed projects in remote, backward and difficult to reach locations. It has covered aspiration districts and worked closely with authorities to align indicators and contribute to aspiration objectives. In all locations it has worked in tandem with government authorities and other stakeholders to contribute to development indicators pertaining to projects executed.

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