Society for Welfare & Advancement of Rural Generations


    About the Organization

    Health & Social Sector

    Society for Welfare and Advancement of Rural Generations (SWARG), a Non Government organization is operating since 1995. It operates with the support of Governmental, National and International agencies. SWARG is primarily engaged in implementation of Health, Nutrition and various relevant development projects in order to improve the quality of lives of vulnerable and disadvantage sections of the society keeping gender sensitivity in mind.

    Art & Culture Sector

    The organization SWARG is pioneer in addressing the issues of Protecting, Preserving & Promoting the Indigenous Folk Art Forms of our country. The organization through its cultural unit 'SWARG Repertory' has done commendable job of the Restoring and Reviving the Rich and Vibrant cultural Heritages of performing folk art forms through our flagship programs namely-'Celebrating Nautanki', 'Rythm-Raas-Rang' & 'Bharat Lok Rang Mahotsav' which has been abundantly praised and published by leading Newspapers & Magazines Nationwide & Internationally too.

    Our Core values: Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, Equity and inclusion.

    Vision : The Vision of SWARG is to ensure 'Socio-Economic and Development of disadvantaged and neglected groups of the Society'.

    Mission : The Mission is Educating and Motivating the community participants to become Active Development Actors through Effective Management of Local Resources rather than being Passive Recipient of Development Assistance and to acquire highest possible level of Human Development & Security.

    The Approach to work is through collaboration and partnership in order to impact the life of Lakhs of people by creating Awareness, Knowledge Management, Imparting Skills, Mobilizing Community for Adopting Best Practices, Increasing Accessibility of the Services & Social Entitlements. SWARG with support of National and International Development Agencies - Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India, EdelGive Foundation, Sight Savers, Nutrition International, UNICEF, Save the Children, W.J. Clinton Foundation, Care India etc. has executed large and small projects with equal finesse in the areas of Maternal, Child Health & Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Health, Diarrhea control, Urban Health, Child rights, Adolescent Health Family Planning and Performing Folk Arts.

    The key Strategies include people's participation from all gender and age groups through the medium of Innovative Communication, Capacity Building of Frontline Worker & Various Committees at village level and facility level, Developing Community Base Monitoring Mechanism and Creating Social Accountability & Social Capital.


    Swarg Registration

    Name of the Organization : Society for Welfare & Advancement of Rural Generations
    Address of the organization : 503-A, Transportnagar, P.O. Dhoomanganj, Prayagraj-211011, Uttar Pradesh
    Website of the organization :
    Email Address :,
    Type of Registration : Society, Registered Under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
    Registration No: : 829/1995-1996 Dated 05/12/1995
    CSR-1 Registration No: : CSR00014582
    Unique Registration No: Under 12-A : AAEAS1046FE20210
    Unique Registration No: Under 80-G : AAEAS1046FF20093
    FCRA Regisration No: & Nature : 136230129 (Cultural, Economic & Social)
    NGO Darpan Unique Id : UP/2009/0019458
    Pan No: : AAEAS1046F
    TAN No: : ALDS04820E

    Aims & Objectives

    1. To work for the Social, Mental, Moral, Physical, Educational development for the citizens in the area of operation.
    2. To provide information regarding Self Employment for the citizens in the area of operation and promote them to establish their employment by providing support as per budget of the organization.
    3. To work with the Department of Social Welfare Board UP & GOI and MoHRD and with other NGOs.
    4. To development Self Reliant citizens and to promoting innovative thinking among the citizens in the area of operation the organization will organizing various Cultural, Sports, Arts and Trainings.
    5. To work for the protection and conservation of environment among the citizens in the area of operation.
    6. To disseminate education among the rural generations by providing free education by constituting a team among the citizens in the area of operation.
    7. To promote National Integration by organizing seminars, conventions and programmes to strengthen the Secular structure of our country etc.
    8. To promote Family planning among the citizens in the area of operation.
    9. To work for the physically challenged or differently able people and work for their education and employment among the citizens in the area of operation.
    10. To create awareness for promotion of democracy among the citizens in the area of operation.
    11. To create awareness on Health & Nutrition issues among women and children among the citizens in the area of operation.
    12. To promote conservation of Natural Resources and its optimal use among the citizens in the area of operation.
    13. To promote Intensive Integrated Farming Systems among the citizens in the area of operation.
    14. To propagate Science & Technology for rural development among the citizens in the area of operation.
    15. To promote Waste Management among the citizens in the area of operation and to eradicate the problems related to Clean & Safe environment.
    16. To work for the Promotion, Protection and Preservation of Performing Arts through Workshops, Presentations and Documentations and free distribution of publication material of the rare art forms through the support of Ministry of Culture, GOI, State Cultural Depts, ZCC's and NGO's, Corporate Houses, Industrial organizations, Foreign based organizations and agencies or individuals of our country or abroad which supports and gives grant for the related activities.
    17. To protect and Promote the lively Folk Drama 'Nautanki' by organizing Workshops, Presentations, Research, Documentation and free distribution of publication material and developing long term strategy to promote healthy and acting based 'Nautanki' at National & International levels.
    18. To organize Seminars, Panel Discussions, Conventions, Workshops of various Folk Art Forms for Folk Artists.
    19. To organize 'Bharat Lok Rang Mahotsava' for promotion of various performing Folk Art Forms our country.
    20. To organize 'Celebrating Nautanki' - the Great Indian Folk Theatre, based on the Nautanki programs of our organization in the country and abroad.
    21. To organize 'Rhythm-Raas-Rang' - the Great Indian Folk Band, based on our indigenous Folk Art Forms in the country and abroad, thereby, exposing and establishing our rich cultural heritages.
    22. To organize 'Capacity Building Workshops' for Folk Artists so as to make them capable of availing benefits of schemes of various Governmental and Non Governmental organizations.
    23. To create a Repertoire or offshoot or wing or department of artists to carry out cultural activities which shall be known as 'Swarg Repertory' in English and 'Swarg Rangmandal' in Hindi.
    24. To raise, receive subscription, donations from Members and to receive Funds, Grants, Assistance from the Local, Municipal, State, Central Governments/Autonomous Organizations, Corporates, Industries, Trusts, Agencies/People of our Country & Abroad to run programmes, to fulfill objectives, to undertake social interventions, to maintain employees, support staff, artists and to construct, erect, develop, improve, alter, maintain Building/s & Office/s infrastructure/s acquired/used by the Society in the area of operation.