Society for Welfare & Advancement of Rural Generations


    Swarg Significant Experience

    SWARG has significant experience in implementation of MNCH programmes, Child Protection ,HIV/AIDS interventions and capacity building of government functionaries including FLSP. It has implemented projects like Urban Health Initiative ( UHI) , Integrated Nutrition and Health Project ( INHP), Menstrual Health Management Project, Sure Start, Link worker Scheme (LAKSHYA), Community Care Centre for addressing the Health and Socio- Care need of PLHIV, Targeted Intervention among MSM, diarrhoea management and flood relief. SWARG’s valued partnerships with Nutrition International, SIGHT SAVERS , TDH-Germany , Edelgive Foundation , CARE-India, UNICEF, HLFPPT, Save the Children , Clinton Foundation , has enhance its capacity both programmatically and in financial management with greater transparency.

    SWARG With the support of Nutrition International has implemented the MNBC & IYCN projects in 18 selected eighteen districts of Uttar Pradesh with an objective of to generate evidence for delivery of improved Maternal and New-born Care and Infant and Young Child and Nutrition services and practices through a continuum of care at both facility and community levels and to operationalize the specific components of the India New-born Action Plan (INAP) that includes several interventions relating to new born care including: KMC, management of birth asphyxia, hypothermia and low birth weight babies, early and exclusive breastfeeding , hygiene and prevention of infection, vitamin K, and neonatal resuscitation etc. The project is also dealing with both the stakeholders of health and ICDS system and will support to improve the services for the beneficiaries through capacity building, monitoring, Behaviors change interventions, advocacy, supply chain management etc.

    In partnership with CARE-UP, SWARG implemented RACHNA/INHP - III from Feb2002 to September 2010 in 20 Rural & 2 Urban blocks covering 3604 AWC of District Allahabad with the objective of achieving sustainable improvement in the health and nutrition status of vulnerable women and children. The Project focussed on life cycle approach and mobilised the community for greater demand generation at the community level and strengthening the delivery of quality services and supply chain management. The organization through sector meeting is also strengthened the capacity of AWW/ASHA/Supervisors /CDPO for responsive technical and operational assistance.

    SWARG with the support of CARE under Sure Start project has build strong communication among the pregnant women as a well various stakeholder among the community on issue of maternal and child health in general and particularly on New care issues. The project team has also significant experiences of strengthening institutions at the community level- Mothers group and Village Health and Sanitation Committee (VHSC) to sustain the project best practices at the community level in rural areas. SWARG under UHI project has implemented client outreach and community mobilization activities in urban slums of Allahabad and Lucknow . SWARG’s cadre of 115 Urban ASHAs Allahabad and 91 in Lucknow worked alongside slum communities to reach women and couples with health and family planning counselling and linked them to quality services in public and private health facilities.

    SWARG with the support of UNICEFhad implemented the project “Protecting Child Rights in district Mirzapur of U.P. The project is being implemented in two blocks of -Kone&Sikhar to Facilitate a Favorable and enabling environment for the realization of Child Rights and improve the living conditions in rural settings. The projects seek to protect Children from abuse, violence and exploitation by creating a protective environment by means of improving access and quality of services to Children. The key activities included.

    • Establishing and capacity building of 143 Child protection structures in place to address child rights and child protection issues.
    • Promote partnerships with civil society alliances with a view to promoting a protective environment for children, particularly community and family based care and protection.
    • Coordinate to train at least (1680) women champions to provide a child friendly agenda in five identified/ prioritized/ families/ households.
    • Knowledge enhanced and attitude changed of families and communities in 143 villages of Kone and Shikar block in the Mirzapur district, for the promotion of child rights and the protection of children against violence, exploitation and abuse.
    • Support UNICEF to train at least 33 women heads of PRIs to promote a child friendly agenda in Gram Sabhas.
    • Provide supportive supervision to WGs and community service provider (ASHAs, ANMs, AWWs and teachers) in making a child friend society.

    The SWARG with the support of UNICEF implemented IKEA Foundation supported GARIMA project in 3 Blocks of District Sonebhadra . The GARIMA project was on menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and on this base, the project ensures that ‘key stakeholders have the knowledge and the capacities to enhance life skills for adolescent girls (including adolescent girls themselves) and promote appropriate practices and social norms for adolescents' participation’.

    The SWARG The SWARG with the support of Save the Children ( BAL RAKSHA BHARAT implemented Stop Diarrhea Initiative in Payagpur Block of District Behraich and in Gilaula block of District Shrawasti and focused extensively on adoption of best practices in regards to 7 Point plan intervention to prevent and control diarrhea that results in the unnecessary deaths of children under-five . SWARG with the support of Save the children has constructed Model Individual Toilets ( 124) , Community Managed Toilets (20) School Sanitary Block ( 10) Rehabilitation of School Toilet (22) in Behraich and Shrawasti District Under Stop Diarrheal Project supported by Save the Children. The project focuses on 7 point Action plan to prevent Diarrhoea and the team is engaged in facilitating capacity building of FLW and community level forums ( 210Mothers group, 72 Village Water and Sanitation Committee, 70 School Management Committee, 90 Children health and Hygiene Clubs) so as to adopt the best practices in regards to prevention and control of diarrhoea and deaths related to diarrhoea.

    The SWARG with the support of Sight Saversis implementing National Truckers Eye health program – RAAHI project at Allahabad District . Initially the SWARG partnership with Sight Savers started in 2018 for organising Eye Screening Camps but Since July 2022 permanent Vision center is being established at Pahalwan Dhaba - NH19 – Soraon – Prayagraj to cater the eye care needs of truck drivers . The Key objectives are:

    1. To provide primary eye care services to the Trucker’s in need through screening and refraction.
    2. To create awareness among the target community about the importance of eye health.
    3. To screen for diabetic retinopathy for the truckers who are needed.
    4. To distribute spectacles to identified truckers in need for it.
    5. To identify cases requiring further diagnosis and treatment and make necessary referrals to the local base hospital.

    The SWARG in partnership with UNICEFimplemented SWABHIMAN Campaign. The SWARG team provided handholding support to the SWABHIMAAN campaign on Ending Child Marriage with support to the Guinness Book World record for Most number of signatures on a Flag saying "ShikshakoHaan, Baal VivahKoNaa" in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh.( DURING the KUMBH 2019) The SWARG in partnership with Development Alternatives implemented the project PROMOTION OF COUNTER MEASURES AGAINST MARINE PLASTIC IN INDIA” at PRAYGRAJ.
    Over the years the SWARG in partnership with various Government and International agencies have implemented various models of community outreach, community communication, advocacy/ networking and capacity building of service provider as well as community institution-

    1. Implementation of Community outreach and Community mobilization projects on Maternal and New Born Care, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS/TB/ Diarrhea Management, Menstrual Hygiene Management Family planning and Addressing Gender base Health and Nutrition Discrimination etc .
    2. Networking and Advocacy with Public and Private Service providers on quality delivery of health and Nutrition services.
    3. Organizing Training of Private Medical Practitioners on HIV/AIDS, Diarrhoea Management, and Family planning.
    4. Capacity Building of Frontline service providers – ANM- ASHA- USHA-AWW, School Teachers , Gram Pradhan, Paraprofessionals etc.
    5. Formation and Strengthening of Mothers Group, Adolescents group, SHG, MAS and Childfen health and Hygiene Club.
    6. Organizing need based Thematic Campaigns in the projects areas.
    7. Conducting Information Communication Technology (ICT) Module of Health providers on seven point plan to prevent Diarrhea.
    8. Strong Coordination with Health, ICDS. Education and Panchayati Raj departments , local NGO’s, Network of Positive People.
    9. Effective Financial Management and timely Compliance to Donor needs.
    10. SWARG has Cultural Wing supported by Ministry of Culture GOI. The team has 24 Theatre Artist and 1 Director. The SWARG perform theme base Theatre show - Folk Art – Nautanki. The Cultural team is being involved in SBM, and other programs of Administration.
    11. Developing need base BCC/IEC Material.
    12. Develop community base monitoring System/ tools.